It’s not too late to join Reload Love’s fight for Afghanistan’s most vulnerable.

Our campaign to provide emergency relief to children, women, and Christians fleeing Afghanistan continues as we work with our partners to relocate Afghanistan’s most vulnerable. Our Afghanistan Emergency Relief campaign has been extended through Thursday, September 30. You can arm the children and families of Afghanistan with hope.

Reload Love is part of a network working to relocate forty vulnerable families. Please join us in praying the door remains open to complete this operation and bring every family to safety. And along with our partner Deliver Fund, we have joined a coalition to receive and provide for Khalid Wardak and his family. Khalid served alongside the US military for years in Afghanistan. The US military and its allies were able to successfully rescue their brother-in-arms, his wife, and their four children, and relocate them to an undisclosed location in the United States. We are honored to offer hospitality and normalcy to this family by covering their room and board while they acclimate to their new home.

Your donation will help us continue to bring hope in the form of emergency relief and family relocation services to Afghanistan’s most vulnerable. Thank you for partnering with us.