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We exceeded our $200,000 goal Love Bomb weekend
(February 10-11, 2024)

This year’s highlighted project will work with partners to provide relief supplies and other essentials for children in Israel and expanding our reach to the borders of Egypt at the Rafah Gate who are caught in the crossfire.

The terror attacks of October 7, 2023, and the war on Israel have caused overwhelming trauma for these innocent children. Many have lost a loved one, and most of those living near the Gaza border were forced to flee their homes. But the conflict is not over, and these precious little ones need support to face the challenges of ongoing disruption and loss.

raised $208,790

2022 Love bomb
raised $105,500

2021 love bomb
raised $164,000

2020 Love bomb
raised $223,000

2023 Project Focus

Love Bomb weekend is just around the corner February 11-12. Our highlighted project will help ease the hunger crisis for innocent children in Ukraine and South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. Ongoing war and acts of violence have ravaged both nations, and the prospect of peace is uncertain. Meanwhile, the humanitarian situation worsens, especially for women and children.


Make plans to help Reload Love feed 1,400 children in Ukraine and Uganda every day for an entire year—514,000 total meals. Every meal helps arm a child with hope. Prepare to drop the love bomb on children in critical conflict zones next weekend at


48-hour Fundraiser

Goal: $150,000

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Love Bomb 2022

Love Bomb 2022 raised over $91,800 for the Afghan Refugee Care Project.

Love Bomb 2021 raised over $137,000 for these priority projects in Nigeria.

Where Story Clubs Double as Sanctuaries

The humanitarian crisis in Nigeria is going into its eighth year. With nearly 46 percent of its population age nineteen and younger, the collapse of northern Nigeria’s education system has created a ready-made youth market for gangs and terrorist groups and pushed young girls into early marriage and childbirth. Into this dismal situation, EMCI (Education Must Continue Initiative) is establishing homeschools and study centers for refugee and internally displaced children.

Trained leaders are sharing the gospel with and discipling vulnerable school-age children using EMCI’s KidStory discipleship program along with delivering primary and secondary education in areas where forgotten children are concentrating and resettling. In Chibok, Lassa, and Yola, temporary tent classrooms are anchors for schooling, story clubs, sports, and supplemental meals.

When you partner with us to drop the love bomb in Nigeria, you’ll help expand the reach of academic and spiritual education programs, including providing training and translation services, desks for young students, a modest stipend for teachers, and sports and playground equipment.


One hundred percent of donations given to Reload Love during Love Bomb weekend will help bring spiritual, emotional, and physical healing to children impacted by terrorism in Nigeria and in other priority communities. Join the lovement to arm these children with hope.

One hundred percent of donations given to Reload Love during Love Bomb weekend will help bring spiritual, emotional, and physical healing to children impacted by terrorism. Thank you for joining the lovement to arm these children with hope!