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Love Bomb weekend 2023

Reload Love raised over $208,700 during our annual “Love Bomb” weekend (Feb. 11 and 12), with proceeds benefitting our 2023 highlighted project: children caught in the crossfire of the yearlong conflict in Ukraine and refugee children living in Uganda, who fled the decade-long civil war in South Sudan.
Hundreds of people joined Calvary Church at our flagship campus to pack over 270,000 meals. With church partners and ministry supporters worldwide, we raised over $208,700, exceeding our goal to feed 1,400 children in Ukraine and Uganda every day for an entire year. Extra funds may be used for additional priority projects that emerge throughout the year as we respond to global crises.
Love Bomb was a complete success thanks to a worldwide community marked by generosity and love for children victimized by terrorism. Thank you to all who donated, prayed, and volunteered. This is love come to life!
The Reload Love Team