Reload Love



Transforming bullets to beauty and battleground into playgrounds-here’s the story of the people who started it all.


Lenya Heitzig

Will we try to forget all the things we’ve seen?
Or will we see, really see, and then let our emotions
lead us into a new way of living?


This is the story of one woman who refused to look away from atrocities on her television screen. Lenya Heitzig allowed her heart to break at the plight of refugees and the deaths of innocent children, and then she begged God for a job to do.


In this gritty, passionate story, Lenya details the epic way God answered her prayers—how a spark came to life turning weapons of war into something beautiful. Experience the hope found in a children’s playground as you journey with her through the jungles of Burma and the war-torn streets of the Middle East.


Though the shape of your heart and passion may look very different, you will find hope and inspiration in ordinary people who go to incredible lengths to share God’s life-giving love.

Part One—Terror No More

1.  Girl with Pink Ribbons

2.When I Could No Longer Look Away


Part Two—To Every Generation

3. Through ISIS Tunnels

4. The Ministry of Presence

5. Run into the Roar


Part Three—Into Hard Places

6. A Bullet and the Heart of a Girl

7. The Long Trek

8. The Black Banner


Part Four—Forgiveness in the Rubble

9. The Gift of a Small Wooden Cross

10. Mafraq Is Not to Be Trifled With

11. To Sinjar…Almost

Part Five—On Top of Mount Sinjar

12. A Trail of Sorrow

13. “Let Your Legacy Be Love”

As the executive director of she Ministries at Calvary Church and coauthor of two Bible study series—the Pathway series, published by Tyndale, and the Fresh Life series, published by David C.Cook—she delights in seeing God’s Word result in God’s work in the lives of women. Her firstbook, Pathway to God’s Treasure: Ephesians, was awarded the Gold Medallion. She also contributed a number of devotionals to the New Women’s Devotional Bible, which was a finalist in the 2007 Christian Book Awards. Her semiautobiographical book Holy Moments: Recognizing God’s Fingerprints on Your Life, published by Regal, helps readers see God’s hand of providence move miraculously in daily life.


Whether majoring in fashion merchandising, serving as a missionary with YWAM, or defeating cancer, Lenya thrives on adventure. Lenya’s heart is to reach out to hurting people through tangibleacts of love. After September 11, 2001, she launched Mercy B.A.N.D.s (Bearing Another’s Name Daily), silver bracelets inscribed with the names of individual casualties of terror. Over 60,000 people, including 2,000 family members directly impacted by 9/11, have worn these poignant bands. Featured in The Washington Times, New York Daily News, The Dallas Morning News, Albuquerque Journal,The Denver Post, Decision Magazine, and an interview on ABC’s Nightline, these bands have impacted a generation of survivors.


In 2014 Lenya launched Reload Love, which touches the lives of children affected by terrorism. Reload Love raises awareness by collecting spent bullet casings, melts them down and upcycles into beautiful brass jewelry. Reload Love encourages and empowers people across the globe to stand up to the terrors of this world by yielding the most powerful weapon of all: their hearts. Reload Love provides relief supplies, children’s programs, and safe spaces such as playgrounds for children caught in the crossfires of terrorism.