Safeguard Ukrainian Children – UPDATE April 21, 2022

Every single day, our partners on the ground in eastern Ukraine evacuate 100-200 families with children. Successful evacuation depends entirely on shelling and airstrike activity levels. At every opportunity, we are supporting the dangerous and tenuous efforts to safeguard Ukrainian children.

Kharkiv is the current priority target for Russia. Our partners recently conveyed that the people in Kharkiv are not only suffering physically from hunger and thirst, their minds and souls are also suffering and fragile, especially the thousands of families living underground in subway stations.

Because of your recent generosity, we were able to underwrite sophisticated software to track child refugees, decreasing their chance of exploitation. We were also able to provide rent and utilities for five refugee centers. You can help Reload Love support large-scale assistance to the children and families hiding in Kharkiv’s metro stations—and ultimately evacuate them to safer places—and meet similar tangible needs as they arise. The needs are massive, and they aren’t going away anytime soon.