Love Stories



February 2018

This is Shamim. Shamim is a 7 year old child that was shot in the leg from Burma soldiers that raided his town. Thankfully he was able to escape with his life – but barely.  Others weren’t as lucky (such as his father who was killed in earlier terroristic events from the soldiers).  Shamim now suffers from nightmares. He may have escaped his village but still relives these horrific events in his sleep. His story is just an example of countless others. With people like you, we can make a difference and help counteract these horrors with love. Thank you for your donations and monthly support. Shamim is one example of the lives effected from your generosity.




January 2018

Reload Love playground and school in the jungles of Myanmar!

Children seeking medical assistance and now an education are greeted with hope and happiness because of you.  Local villagers are now sending their kids to the school built next to a medical clinic. The playground and school building are a great addition to this area as the Karen tribe has faced terror for decades!



December 2017

November 2017

We had the privilege of meeting beautiful 11 year old Ramia. She now lives as a refugee in a small town where she and her family found hope and community.

Ramia  saw people die in Syria as she and her family fled to Jordan for safety. Once her family got settled, Ramia started attending a school that serves refugee children. However, she found herself sad and angry. Fighting with classmates and keeping herself isolated from the activities.

Day by day the teachers and social worker met with her to bring comfort and understanding to the trauma she experienced. Little by little she allowed herself to feel the love there and began to feel safe with the teachers and other children. Ramia is now happy and outgoing. She is learning basic academics and playing on the Reload Love playground with her friends.



October 2017


Reload Love founder, Lenya Heitzig with our team in Iraq passing out food, toys and more to children recovering from the aftermath of terrorism. 

These children cherished, loved and were so grateful for the presents provided at this playground launch. The smiles on their faces were priceless and never ending as they ran to play on the playground with their new toys.






September 2017


Two young Syrian refugee girls looking through a fence with hope as their long awaited playground is being built on the other side. After fleeing terrorism all around their homeland, these children are just a small example of the millions of displaced people looking for help.






A young girl in an Iraq orphanage receives  food, toys and more at a playground opening.








JULY 2017

Children from Mosul, Iraq experiencing the first playground in their area. Mosul was a town that was occupied by ISIS and established as their capital. With stories of destruction, murder, kidnapping and much more this playground provides much needed love for these people that have experienced such trauma.







JUNE 2017


Reload Love team member teaching a boy how to play guitar in Nahala Valley Iraq. Our team traveled to Iraq to build a playground for children effected by terrorism. Nahala Valley (mostly a Christian village) was one of the places to receive this gift. People from the surrounding villages all travel to this one location to go to church and play on the playground. It is an amazing place with lots of love!


MAY 2017

Our Reload Love team in Iraq outside Sinjar City (ISIS Ground Zero) celebrating the construction of another playground. We are fighting terrorism back with love providing normalcy for children.





APRIL 2017

Children in Nahala Valley, Iraq who have benefited from the playground built from the Love Bomb. These children have experienced the violence of terrorism at their doorstep. Providing this playground and other materials has brought a ray of sunshine into their lives and hope for the future.



MARCH  2017

Children in Mosul, Iraq excited for the first playground built in their area. Mosul was used as the capital of ISIS for years and was the center of many terrorist attacks and horror. ISIS has since been pushed back and Mosul has been liberated. Thank you for all who have helped make Mosul habitable again showing the LOVE of Christ.





A young refugee boy going down a slide in Mafraq, Jordan. This playground was the first playground in this city and has provided many resources to help share the love of Christ to refugees fleeing from Syria into Jordan.




Bullet casings not far from a playground we built for children in Iraq who have been effected by terrorism. We have now built 15 playgrounds in 5 different countries.