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Love Stories: Jordan, and the Overwhelming Love of God

My first day in Jordan I was sent out on a home visit. I met a Syrian mother and her two small children. She shared her story plagued with fear, abuse and illness. We shared stories of Jesus, she wept. I held her baby girls, I never wanted to leave. As we left the woman kissed my cheeks and asked me to come back to her. This woman was nine months pregnant and because of her physical condition she was expecting to die during childbirth. I would never see them again.

My last day I was chosen on a whim to go distribute supplies. I was standing on a dusty street corner, and there I saw the baby girl I had met several days ago. Standing with her mother on the side of the road. The one I held in my arms and cried to Jesus for. I ran and embraced her. I took this picture because I knew that Jesus did this for me. I had nothing to offer them, no supplies, no medicine, no translator. Why would Jesus consider me? He spoke to my soul that His heart is for them, His eyes still on them, He hasn’t forgotten them. I can’t help but cry when I am reminded of this love story. Oh the overwhelming love of God!



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