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A Letter From Lenya: September 2015

Dear Soldier of Love,

The air was still and the ground was cold as the morning sun rose in the East. While walking uphill to the camp, we began to see the smiling faces of people welcoming us to their new home. The Korah School was an unfinished concrete structure, grey and weather-beaten. Children approached us with curiosity and wonder, and as they did, we could see the anguish of loss and the vulnerability of displacement in their eyes. These were the Yazidi people of Iraq – an ancient people who carry a heavy burden of war and pain. They are without a permanent home, searching for hope in the midst of a battle-torn country.

It has been nearly seven month since our Reload Love team was in Norther Iraq, aiding refugees who had fled from ISIS. Yet the images of the families and children we encountered will forever be etched in our memories. The hope of the gosepl of Jesus is a task that we take seriously. The Bible teaches us to stand strong in the power of God’s might – to be ready in season and out of season. This idea of being ready carries the thought of being trained for battle.

Are you ready?

Reload Love is committed to raising awareness and providing basic training for others to be battle-ready for the spiritual war being waged around us. We are an army of love marching forward to a day of final resolution and consummated victory in Christ Jesus.

Will you be a soldier of love alongside us?

Will you join Reload Love as we stand strong in the power of God’s might to bring hope to those affected by the violence of terrorism?

Together, we can do more!


Lenya Heitzig

Founder, Reload Love



We at Reload Love are committed to spreading awareness and bringing hope to those in need. Using digital and social media, we provide a voice for those who can’t be heard. Our YouTube channel has over 10,000 vies from 124 countries around the world. Connect with us, and help spread awareness of children who are affected by terrorism.

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