The Love Bomb is an annual virtual fundraiser for 48 hours in February.


Helps heal the lives of children around the world who have suffered from the violence of terrorism.


Every dollar raised will provide hope and healing for children. It’s a love bomb. Join the lovement today.

2021 Highlighted Projects

Where Soccer Fields Double as Mission Fields

Terrorism in Nigeria has internally displaced 2.7 million people and created nearly one million more IDPs and refugees in neighboring countries. In northern Nigeria, Boko Haram, one of Africa’s most militant Islamic terrorist groups, ISIS, bandits, and kidnap gangs have a stronghold, and that’s where the Holy Ghost Football Academy is turning soccer fields into mission fields. Christian professional-level soccer coaches are building relationships with vulnerable children and youth, sharing the gospel, and discipling them.

In the city of Jos, conflict between the Christian minority and Muslim majority is constant. HGFA ministers to 4,000 mostly Muslim and ethnic Fulani children and youth in their year-round soccer program. These young people are at high-risk for joining gangs, becoming drug addicts, and living on the streets. To be on a soccer team, they must go to school and participate in Discovery Bible Study.

When you partner with us to drop the love bomb in Nigeria, you’ll help expand the reach of evangelical soccer programs in northern Nigeria and build a sports complex in Jos to bring reconciliation and healing to the youth.

Where Story Clubs Double as Sanctuaries

The humanitarian crisis in Nigeria is going into its eighth year. With nearly 46 percent of its population age nineteen and younger, the collapse of northern Nigeria’s education system has created a ready-made youth market for gangs and terrorist groups and pushed young girls into early marriage and childbirth. Into this dismal situation, EMCI (Education Must Continue Initiative) is establishing homeschools and study centers for refugee and internally displaced children.

Trained leaders are sharing the gospel with and discipling vulnerable school-age children using EMCI’s KidStory discipleship program along with delivering primary and secondary education in areas where forgotten children are concentrating and resettling. In Chibok, Lassa, and Yola, temporary tent classrooms are anchors for schooling, story clubs, sports, and supplemental meals.


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